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The disease can also appear on the upper body, breasts, and upper arms.Partial or complete preputial and penile amputation should be considered in some extensive wounds.Some are bodywide skin disorders that affect the penis as well as other parts of the skin.When secretions become trapped under the foreskin, they may become infected, leading to posthitis.

They can interfere with sexual functioning, self-image and interpersonal relationships.See images of how lupus, cardio vascular diseases, and other systemic conditions alter the body.Find a possible diagnosis by choosing a symptom and answering a few simple questions.

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Lichen planus can resolve on its own without treatment or be chronic, even with aggressive treatment.Pearly penile papules, for example, are harmless little specks of white tissue that form in a ring on the tip of the penis.Due to retarded melanin formation, there is loss of pigmentation.It can appear anywhere, but is most troublesome in the genital areas.Sometimes contact dermatitis involved with contact with allergens such as nickel can cause peeling skin, as can hand eczema, vitamin deficiencies, and other skin conditions.

Pimples are a common and frequent condition that affects the oil gl.

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This helped but not long after I noticed that my penis skin seemed to be thinning.This review highlights the clinical features, diagnosis and treatment of the most common dermatoses of the male genitalia.The usual culprits for these skin conditions are frequent masturbation or aggressive sex that can result in red, irritated penis skin.Basically, Vitiligo can hardly be called as a disease but a skin- disorder that has more social than medical significance, especially amongst the dark skin people.

Doctors remove a sample of tissue for examination (biopsy) to determine the type of cancer and to make sure the cancer has not spread beyond the skin.Penile adhesions in circumcised boys occur when the penile shaft skin adheres to the glans of the penis.

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The penis is a male body part found on the outside of the body.

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Men who are sexually active should be tested for STIs on a regular basis and follow through with any recommended treatment.If you followed the skin from your abdomen or legs all the way up the penile length, you would find that the skin changes quickly as you get to the glans.

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Penile cancer, a rare type of cancer that starts in the skin cells of the penis.Male circumcision is the removal of the foreskin from the human penis.

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Inflammatory dermatoses are frequently not restricted to the genital skin and often occur on other sites of the body.Similarly, some sexually transmitted diseases may cause acne-like lesions to form on the penis.

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Starting from the base of the penis, the skin becomes softer and more elastic.

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To the untrained eye, these lesions can look a little like acne.

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Autoimmune disorders like lupus may affect the appearance of skin or other tissues.After much debate and much searching on the net I figured I would try some cortisone cream.This condition is known as pearly penile papules,this is not a serious skin disease, but women or girls hate this,majority of them who attended our survey had confessed that they hate these tiny bumps.Then the skin tears easily, and bright red or purple bruises are common.

There are three types of penile adhesions: glanular adhesions, penile skin bridges and cicatrix.The cause of the inflammation that leads to lichen planus is unknown.Penile itching is usually caused by a fungal or bacterial infection.

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Full-thickness lacerations may be managed with suturing the mucosa and the skin separately.Genital skin problems are very common and can be very itchy or painful, distressing and embarrassing.

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