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If the focal length of the lens is 20 cm, calculate the object and image distance.The image obtained with a convex lens is erect and its length is 4 times the length of the object.

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An erect object is 50 cm from a concave mirror of radius 60 cm.The graphical method described above is fine for developing an intuitive understanding of image formation by concave mirrors, or for checking a calculation, but is a bit too cumbersome for everyday use.It is an image in which directions are the same as those in the object, in contrast to an inverted image.

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For plane (flat) mirrors, light is reflected according to the law of reflection.

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When the eyes receive these light waves, it looks as if the waves are diverging from behind the mirror, making it appear as if the object is behind the mirror as well.

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An erect image, in optics, is one that appears right-side up.Erect′er, Erect′or, one who, or that which, erects or raises: a muscle which assists in erecting a part or an organ: an attachment to a compound microscope for making the image erect instead of inverted.—adj. Erect′ile, that may be erected.—ns.

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The explanation with ray diagram is given in the saikirank answer.Compound Lenses Compound Lenses The ray-tracing methods that we have developed can also be applied to a number of lenses that are close together.However, if you want to explore the physics of a very common phenomenon inflicting half the human population at least once a day, then please do continue reading.

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Recently, through my study of physics, I have learnt that the laws of quantum mechanics become.The Galilean or terrestrial telescope uses a positive objective and a negative eyepiece.When you have completed all the questions and reviewed your answers, press the button below to grade the test.Some telescopes and other devices such as the camera obscura present an inverted image on the viewing surface.To view the documents on this page, you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Hence why projectors, diffraction patterns, interference patterns all produce what can be classed as an image, since when pointed at a screen they can produce light patterns in different ways which show something on a screen.Detailed simulation on computer prior to construction can identify constructability problems, and subsequently avoided during actual erections.CLASS 9 PHYSICS - MOTION, class 11 mechanics, how to solve any numerical in physics and chemistry of class 9 10 11 and 12, best trick way to solve physics numericals, based on Kinematical equations. motion cbse class 9 ix science.Gives you an erect shaft but still HDT physics at the base of the schlong.

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To construct by assembling: erect a skyscraper. 2. To raise to a rigid or upright condition.

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While studying reflection through a plane mirror, I have been told that when the object is real the image will be virtual and the image will be real while the object is virtual.

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The average erect penis is about 5.56 inches (14 cm) long, according to a 2013 study detailed in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that surveyed 1,661 men.First off from what I remember, an image is something that can be projected onto a screen.It is the same side up as the object. (iii) The image in a plane mirror is of the same size as the object. (iv) The image formed by a plane mirror is at the same distance behind the mirror as the object is in.